Sunday, March 1, 2009

When life slows down

Over the past weeks I experienced something that many times I have asked for. When life seems crazy and overloaded, or just repetitive and constant, I have made the comment that I'd just like to get off the"merry-go-round" of life for a little while. Ever been there? Tired of the tedious, worn from the work, frazzled from the frenzy? Because of some personal health issues that needed to be taken care of, I was given the opportunity to take a break and rest. I got off the merry-go-round and had some time to heal, rest, reflect, reconsider, and reconnect. The first couple weeks I had not choice but to sleep and rest, but then it began to prove more difficult. I began wanting to be able to do those things which has once proved so tedious. Some because I wanted them done my way, but in another sense, I think I just had a difficult time being still with my thoughts. There were so many things I could have done to enjoy my time and release from responsibilities, but I instead fought being impatient and wanted to get up and get back "into life". Looking back now that life is in full swing again and back to "normal", I once again long for the days when it is calm again and I can do less and have some time to enjoy for myself. We are strange and curious creatures. Always seeming to want something other than what life has for us at the time. I think it's time to enjoy every part of life that we are given and see each season as a gift from God. And if it is a gift, surely there is some good that we will find if we open it up and look inside. What gift is God trying to give you today?