Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is it Worth It?

A few weeks ago, some friends and I worked together on stage sets for our church's Vacation Bible School. We  spent multiple hours and days formulating our plan, brainstorming ideas, gathering materials, drawing sketches, cutting out cardboard, painting, gluing, glittering, splattering, making messes and cleaning them up. We were in about the 3rd day and one of my daughters asked me a couple of very simple questions, which I initially responded with very simple answers.

Daughter:  "Mom, Bible School is only one week, right?

Me: "Yep"

Daughter" "Why are we putting so much time and work into something that's only going to used for one week?" "Isn't that a lot of work for something you are going to tear down?"

Me: It is a lot of work, but we want to put our best into everything we do for God and we want to make VBS fun and exciting, so it's worth it.

Simple questions. Simple answers.

                                      Or, is there more?

                                                                      I think there is.

On the same note...

Today, instead of enjoying our last day of summer break and preparing to send the girls off to school tomorrow, I am preparing for a day of lessons with them here at home." Why?" is the question people ask and sometimes I ask of myself.  Is it a lot of work? Yes. Do I get as much "me time"? No. Is home teaching for everybody? No, but it's for us. What happens when you don't know something you are to teach? We learn it together. And so.........................our learning adventure begins. Is it worth it? Yes.

Simple questions. Simple answers.

                                    Or is there more?

                                                                     I think there is.