Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moved in....

Well, we have been moved into our new home for several weeks now and are loving it. Moving is such a huge undertaking, and I hope not to experience it again for a long long time! Enjoying spending this Christmas season here already and I feel so blessed!

Wrote the following statement the evening after a recent school snow day had ended....wanted to remember it on here too!

Driveway shovelled, fort building and sledding, lunch with The Miser Brothers, family tree decorated and lit, family meal around the table, Christmas carols as lullibies. And all along, I thought we were doing "nothing".... snow day, memorable snow day.

Sometimes I forget to look beyond the noise and clutter and disorganization of this interesting life with my children involved and see the little moments of memories that are being made. I must remember an old quote that I once heard about our todays being tomorrows memories. I will look back on these days and miss them.