Monday, June 1, 2009

First day of summer break....bit of a rough start. I decided it was time to go through the girls mountains of clothing and minimize their selection for the summer, stick away pieces that they will still be able to wear this fall and get rid of the rest. So....we emptied their drawers onto the floor and brought up the summer bin from the basement. What a mess! Trying to get all three girls to put outfits together that they will actually wear is very interesting and chaotic. But, I was determined to get it all done at once this morning so we let chaos reign for a bit and I tried, unsuccessfully, to stay calm at all times. Have I ever told you that clutter stresses me out? Where did all those clothes come from? Well, we are obviously blessed with clothing.

This afternoon I worked at the church and the girls played, then home to make supper, out with everyone for Culver's Custard.....then a trip to a local garden spot to pick up flowers to pot for the girls' teachers, helpers and principals. Full turned out quite sweetly, despite it's bitter start.