Sunday, May 13, 2012

A First Glimpse of Who I Am

I am a woman loved by God,living a blessed life with my amazing husband and five creative and unique kids! Because I am so loving adoringly by God,  it is my soul desire to love Him back through my life, seek out and live this life He has laid out for me every day and let His love shine through me. I love life, I love the friends God has given me and I love to laugh. And if truth be told, I'm also a self-proclaimed "Princess", although my husband says I am queen of this house.

Being Celebrated


Happy Mother's Day 2012


“Happy Mother’s Day” heard from a little sleepyhead;

A kitchen cleaned up spotlessly with nothing being said.

Flowers place in pots by grateful eager hands;

Spontaneous hugs with sweet kind words from my little boy turned man.

Worship with friends, being honored, and loving words expressed;

A chocolate covered strawberry for me, and a reminder that I’m God’s Princess.

A special meal, with sweet kids and hubby of which I truly enjoyed,

Back home to oblige me with my pictures without getting too annoyed.

Little things in themselves, but put together they clearly say,

I am a loved Momma,each and every day.