Sunday, December 14, 2008

Giving thanks and getting ready for Christmas

Wow, November is gone and December is half over. Christmas will be here soon, so life is full of getting our house decorated, shopping, and planning get-togethers. This is one of my favorite times of year because it has such a special meaning.....Jesus' birth, which led to his death for our life. What a gift God gave us.

Tyler came home for several days to enjoy Thanksgiving and be home for his 18th birthday. We all had an enjoyable time. He was very happy and is really connecting with us more than he ever has. Since he turned 18 and is legally an adult, Rick and I had to go to Springfield and get guardianship of
him so we can continue to make decisions for him.

Grace, along with all the second graders sang in the schools' Christmas Concert and it was fantastic. We were  pleasantly surprised how many Christ based songs were included. Grace loved the attention, getting all "dolled up" and having her hair curled. She looked so cute!

Tyler will again, be home on the 23rd for Christmas for about a week, so I am busily preparing ahead of time what I can, because although I love having him home with us, daily life as we know it comes to a stop somewhat while he is here. He is a very happy boy here at home, but is definately a home body. I'm sure we will venture out to a friends house some evening with music and Barney tapes in tow and he'll settle in quietly on someones bed.....Unfortunately he will miss our big family Christmas at my Mom and Dad's because we had to schedule it for the Sunday before he arrives home, so that's sad, but we'll still have our Christmas time here at home. That week-end the ladies singing group I am in is singing 2 songs and Hannah, Grace and Maddie are all singing with the kids special, so it wouldn't work to have Tyler at church with us that day because he won't sit in the service and I have to be very hands on with him when we take him. That's one thing that I want God to change. I look forward to the day he will go to church with us and be content to sit through the service, but until then, we must work our schedules and his visits around it.

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