Saturday, October 5, 2013

Freezer Cooking. It's What's for Dinner.

Last week, chicken was $1.89 lb.

I bought 12 two pound packages.

Did you know I like bargain shopping? I DO!!

It appeared that NOW was the time to prep ahead and get some meals ready for the freezer, so onto
Pinterest, I went to find all the chicken dishes that looked so good when I posted them. :) After a trip to the store for a boatload of veggies, I was ready!

Today was the day. Everyone was still sleeping. I made my coffee and put my laptop on the top counter so I could start a new series on Netflix that I'd been wanting to watch but hadn't taken the time. I was a captive audience. It was quiet. No interruptions. I could chop, dice and bag while being entertained! It sounded like a great plan. Oh, but first, I had to wash everything by the sink, so I decided the show would start once I got back over the counter. By the time I had my cutting boards ready to go and had started the first episode, people started waking up. Before the first episode was over, everyone was up, getting breakfast, and.....milling around in MY kitchen space, mind you, to watch the show with me. Hmmm, why watch this on my 17" laptop screen when there is a  52" screen in the adjoining room? Rick brought the Roku up to hook it up to the big screen and, well, 6 episodes of Monarch Of The Glen later, not only did I have a successful cooking day, but we are now hooked on another Brittish tv show. Maybe that will help hold us over until Downton Abbey starts it's 4th Season in January!!! Woohoo!! Rick is SO excited!

So, here's what's in the freezer, ready to go.

I AM SO EXCITED!! Can you tell??

Precooked and ready to reheat:

(2) Chicken Pot Pies (once frozen, they will go into freezer bags to be later put into a crust)
Chicken Soup makings
Fajita Chicken w/ peppers

Ready to stir fry or throw into crockpot:

Stewed Chicken with peppers and Sweet Cooked Carrots for a side
Stir Fry chicken pieces and veggies
Hawaiian Chicken w/ veggies and pineapple
Chipotle Lime Chicken w/ veggies
Garlic Honey Chicken

We will make brown rice ahead to freeze, white rice, Wild Rice mixes, my favorite "healthier" pasta and crusty bread to go with different dishes.

So that we don't have to eat chicken every night, I did some more cooking as well. Yes, I am a bit crazy and I do tend to overdo it sometimes, but hey, I figured as long as I was making a mess.......

Mini Meatloafs are ready to freeze and I have pork neck bones cooking with pinto beans because I found a Bean's and Rice recipe I wanted to try out while reading Willie and Korie Robinson's new book, The Duck Commander Family. The rest of the pinto beans are soaking to be made into refried beans, YUM, and 2 pound of white beans have been soaking since last night for...well, I don't know yet, but I'll find a recipe and they'll be ready for me. :)

Rick just asked me what I had planned for dinner.

Umm....let's do PBJ's.

So, how about you? Done freezer cooking before and have any great tips? Please share!

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